Alberder's Action Agenda

To Move Our Communities Forward

Defend Democracy

The Purge
  • Restore the voting rights act.

  • Mandate automatic voter registration and same day registration.

  • End voter suppression, the purging of voters from polls, and closing of polls in communities.

  • Ensure every American has access to the ballot.

  • Make election day a federal holiday.

  • Expand early voting and no excuse absentee voting nationwide

  • End prison gerrymandering


Criminal Justice Reform

The criminal justice system conspired  against Mr. Brooks' success long before the police shot him in the back.
  • End private for profit prisons to dismantle inhumane and unjust imprisonment practices.

  • Reverse the criminalization of marginalized communities. 

  • Provide support to survivors of crime.

  • Invest in and implement restorative justice practices. Reform the parole and probation system

  • Reduce recidivism by creating effective evidence-based rehabilitation and supervision services in the community

  • Demand policing reforms 

Expand Education Opportunities

We are on an educational cliff.
  • End the school-to-prison pipeline. 

  • Ensure post-secondary education opportunities are accessible and invest in public schools.  

  • Increase investment in STEM and trade programs. 

  • Ensure federal mandates are federally funded. 

  • Promote alternative discipline method which are preventive and not punitive

  • Expand Pell grants and work study programs

  • Focused on funding programs and policies that focus on the whole child

Social, Environmental, & Economic Justice (GND)

Why We Need a Green New Deal
  • Establish and maintain clean environments for all communities

  • Create an economy where everyone has the opportunity to thrive

  • Increase access to healthy foods for all communities

  • Provide access to healthcare by transitioning to Medicare for all

  • Create high wage jobs to ensure prosperity and economic security for all

  • Invest in infrastructure and industry to meet the challenges of the 21st century

  • Support common sense gun control

  • Ensure everyone has access to affordable housing for all

  • Foreign policy rooted in humanity and peace


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